Saturday, June 19, 2010

A fun conversation with the hubby

I've decided to do a bit of sewing. After washing the fabric to prep it I pulled out our mini ironing board (the kind you get for a dorm room) and our iron to smooth out the fabric. Hubby was getting ready to leave and asked where our regular ironing board was. I replied that we didn't have one. This in itself was enough to make me smirk.

We've lived together nearly 4 years and have been in our house for almost 2. We aren't iron people. In what is probably the least green thing we do, if something is wrinkly it goes in the dryer with a few sprays of water for a few minutes. I also avoid things that need lots of ironing.

He's convinced we have one, or one that goes on the back of a door and I said no, that must be with some other wife. He gives me a look.

Him: Well we're going to need one.
Me: Why?
Him: The baby.
Me: Ummm, why?
Him: So you can iron the baby's clothes.
Me: Do you realize who you married?

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