Saturday, June 12, 2010

The end is nearish

For the most part I've been thoroughly enjoying the second trimester. The last two weeks of who have been crazy, but otherwise things have been good. Yesterday was 27 weeks- which is weird to say, but saying I turned 27 weeks sounds even weirder. While reading the this week you baby is doing X type updates it occurred to me that, depending on whose count you use, I'm just starting the final trimester.

In what can only be described as crazy psychosomaticness I immediately started to feel horrible. My stomach hurt and all of a sudden moving took so much more effort. Zero to sixty with not feeling good. Today I'm doing much better, but if last night was any indication I'm really in for it.

Feeling better and a burst of omg there isn't much time left had us attacking the office today. The nursery has been my craft/junk room until this point while my husband took over the office. Between boxes we'd never unpacked and my husbands love of spreading out 90% of the floor was covered in things other than furniture. We got it down to 5% before my husband tried to put something in the attic and got insulation in his eye.

Next we'll move the office furniture around some and then get my stuff in there as well. Then painting plus furniture means the baby's room will be ready.

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