Saturday, January 30, 2010

8.1 randomness

Yesterday was eight weeks. Aka 2/3 of the way to the not freaking out as much and not having to keep my mouth shut.

So far 4 people know- my mom (who I speak with almost daily), one of my girls from college, my favorite girl out here, and my husband's best friend out here. Right now we're in 'if they ask, don't lie territory.'

I kinda wish a few more people would ask.


Monday is our first appointment. I'm excited and happy and nervous. Last time around I went in thinking everything was fine, just trying to appease my husband. That didn't work out the way I though so I'm trying not to be over excited.


I've given up wishing for more aggressive symptoms. I get tired easily, I'm super picky about food. If I take to much time to decide on what to eat I get jittery and mean. Water, which I was really really good about before is gross.

For now that'll do. I'm trying to eat like I have good sense around the pickiness. Making sure I get 64 oz of liquid, even though I'm hating water. About a shot of juice in a 12 oz glass of water is ok, but without most the crazy calories.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Raining Babies!

In the best possible way. I jokingly referred to last years as the year of babies. Nothing tells you you're getting older like 10 babies being born to friends and associates in one year.

It started with my girl from grad school, then my boss, 2 former coworkers, two families from my husband's group of friends,a friend from a study abroad program, a work associate based in my neighborhood, and another work associate. There was a set of twins for those actually counting.

My husband has a big group of gaming friends-big group. We chose our neighborhood because 4 couples from the group lived here (and the house was a great deal). So our move brought the number up to five. At a baby shower for one of the neighborhood couples I learned that 4/5 of us are pregnant. Additionally exciting because the other couples have had to work with fertility docs to get to this point. Everyone is over the moon and I think I should win an award for keeping my mouth shut... It also looks like I will be due within 2 weeks of of one of the ladies.

If that weren't enough, this morning I got an awesome baby email. I have a group from one of my study abroad programs that has stayed close 9 years later. KJ, who is local announced that she's expecting twins this summer. Her wedding was the first friend's wedding I attended. It was my first trip to the state where I now live and a crazy trip to pull off- 10 of us told her we wouldn't be able to make it, let her mom in on the hoax, coordinated flights, and showed up at her rehearsal dinner wearing shirts that spelled out SURPRISE!!

So while there may not be as many babies in 09, the proximity of the '10 babies has me buzzing.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Beta's

After freaking out over the lack of obvious symptoms I've been feeling and all of the random come and go symptoms I decided to email my doc asking for a series of betas. This is a blood test that measures the level of hCG, a chemical made by the cells that form the placenta. If things are going well this number should be in a certain range based on how pregnant you are and double every other day.

Three days after the email, when there had been no response I called in to ask what was going on. I may have been a bit...salty with the lady on the phone. Turns out the email didn't go through. I reeled in the attitude and explained that I was freaking out and would really like a few needle pokes to make it all better. The nurse thought I was being crazy (I don't necessarily disagree) and it took some convincing. Eventually she ordered the tests, I suspect to get me off of the phone.

Yesterday we got the result from the first test and I'm happy to report that they look good. I also took my second test, so on Monday I should get another round of results. With these results I will officially stop wishing for other symptoms.

In other news I'm 6 weeks today! Half way to the 'I won't worry as much and my husband will let me start buying baby stuff mark!'

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stupid Things I've Done Today

*Forgotten what I needed to retrieve from our bedroom in the time it took me to walk up the steps. It take oh, 30 seconds to walk up to our bedroom...I sat on the bed for 2 minutes before remembering.
(dry cleaning plastic bags for my class tonight if you must know)

*Transferred a fax to myself...sometimes people try to fax my office phone. I can transfer the call to the fax machine by hitting "transfer, fax extention, transfer." My problem? I typed in my extension. Then got annoyed that my phone was ringing back to back. Good thing I have 2 incoming lines.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Things I Never Thought I'd Wish For...

tender breasts

Really, who would. Only a crazy person. Or a pregnant one.

Those are the most common physical symptoms of the crazy changes going on right now. 25% of women don't get the symptoms and are considered to be lucky, but I'd happily take a little sick right now. Just a physical check in that things are going as promised.

The only things I've noticed are hard to measure. I think my sense of smell is increased. My husband has a chronically bad sense of smell, so I can't tell if I'm imagining things or if the 2 onion slices were really taking over the house last night.

The other symptom involves my husbands behavior. Last night he got on my nerves hardcore. But sometimes he's just like that. He gets into silly mode and though I tell him I'm having none of it he doesn't stop until I explode. When last nights explosion came he said "And you say you're not having any pregnancy symptoms."

I emailed my doc to see if I could get blood work done, but he hasn't gotten back to me. Until then I'm going to try for cautious optimism. Maybe also try to focus on my work a bit too...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's the beginning of the year and most people are full of resolve to change their lives for the better. Loose weight, pay off debt, be nicer, whatever. I'm not much of a resolutions girl. Last year I did overarching goals for the year. This year I was am considering doing a list of 29 things to accomplish in my 29th year.

On January 3rd I learned that we'll be adding a new leaf to our family trees. If all goes well- knock on wood, salt over the shoulder, etc. Usually I'm a glass half full kind of girl who isn't superstitious. Only I'm in a whole other universe with this pregnancy stuff. Last summer I felt (relatively) fine. Went to the doc and found out I wasn't fine at all.

Caution optimism. With some wood knocking just in case.

So if all goes well 2010 will be the year of increasing our family, a change in my 9-5, and all sort of other changes we cannot yet foresee.