Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Beta's

After freaking out over the lack of obvious symptoms I've been feeling and all of the random come and go symptoms I decided to email my doc asking for a series of betas. This is a blood test that measures the level of hCG, a chemical made by the cells that form the placenta. If things are going well this number should be in a certain range based on how pregnant you are and double every other day.

Three days after the email, when there had been no response I called in to ask what was going on. I may have been a bit...salty with the lady on the phone. Turns out the email didn't go through. I reeled in the attitude and explained that I was freaking out and would really like a few needle pokes to make it all better. The nurse thought I was being crazy (I don't necessarily disagree) and it took some convincing. Eventually she ordered the tests, I suspect to get me off of the phone.

Yesterday we got the result from the first test and I'm happy to report that they look good. I also took my second test, so on Monday I should get another round of results. With these results I will officially stop wishing for other symptoms.

In other news I'm 6 weeks today! Half way to the 'I won't worry as much and my husband will let me start buying baby stuff mark!'

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