Saturday, June 19, 2010

A fun conversation with the hubby

I've decided to do a bit of sewing. After washing the fabric to prep it I pulled out our mini ironing board (the kind you get for a dorm room) and our iron to smooth out the fabric. Hubby was getting ready to leave and asked where our regular ironing board was. I replied that we didn't have one. This in itself was enough to make me smirk.

We've lived together nearly 4 years and have been in our house for almost 2. We aren't iron people. In what is probably the least green thing we do, if something is wrinkly it goes in the dryer with a few sprays of water for a few minutes. I also avoid things that need lots of ironing.

He's convinced we have one, or one that goes on the back of a door and I said no, that must be with some other wife. He gives me a look.

Him: Well we're going to need one.
Me: Why?
Him: The baby.
Me: Ummm, why?
Him: So you can iron the baby's clothes.
Me: Do you realize who you married?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The end is nearish

For the most part I've been thoroughly enjoying the second trimester. The last two weeks of who have been crazy, but otherwise things have been good. Yesterday was 27 weeks- which is weird to say, but saying I turned 27 weeks sounds even weirder. While reading the this week you baby is doing X type updates it occurred to me that, depending on whose count you use, I'm just starting the final trimester.

In what can only be described as crazy psychosomaticness I immediately started to feel horrible. My stomach hurt and all of a sudden moving took so much more effort. Zero to sixty with not feeling good. Today I'm doing much better, but if last night was any indication I'm really in for it.

Feeling better and a burst of omg there isn't much time left had us attacking the office today. The nursery has been my craft/junk room until this point while my husband took over the office. Between boxes we'd never unpacked and my husbands love of spreading out 90% of the floor was covered in things other than furniture. We got it down to 5% before my husband tried to put something in the attic and got insulation in his eye.

Next we'll move the office furniture around some and then get my stuff in there as well. Then painting plus furniture means the baby's room will be ready.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I've always loved crafts. As a kid I cross stitched, made jewelry, and did whatever else I could get my hands on. For one of my little cousins I cross stitched an 8x10 birth sampler when I was 12.

These days knitting, some crocheting, a tiny bit of hand sewing take up a lot of my time. Baby hats are my go to project for new little ones, but the volume of babies has me a little bored. The 2010 baby count is up to 13- 9 local (including 2 sets of twins), 1 family member, and 1 from a special group of friends. Combine that with the fact that I'm pregnant meaning a crazy combination of oh so tired/must clean and organize the whole house in the next hour/who replaced my fingers with sausages and I'm about to have a baby who needs to be decked out in mama made goodies. Blankets take me forevah, as do most non baby hat things I like, so I've been branching out with the baby gifts.

So far for our baby I've made:
A burgundy sweater (minus the buttons/button hole)
A diaper soaker and
A little vest

One baby got a blanket. I wasn't pregnant when I learned about him and cast on and there was only one to make something for so I went for it.

Hats have been made for both sets of twins. One of these, two of another I can't find, and one pretty standard baby beanie.

I don't know what I've done with them but there's also been lots of exploration with booties.

For the unborn twins I want to add a little something more. I'm thinking basketballs on the front with mom's college number on the back. If it's not one of those crafts that seems really easy until you actually do it all of the babies may be getting them.

These are also way too cute to not make at least one. I'm thinking one for our boy and one for each of the neighborhood girls who will book end him. And maybe one for grad school friend's little boy.

Then there are these. Craft + re-purposing + cute. After caterpillars I may move on to butterflies.

These are just the projects on the top of my mind. Our baby also needs (in the mama is neurotic and must make these things herself kind of way) a blanket, some booties, a few hats and maybe one more sweater.

Did I mention that I also want to learn to sew?

Anyone want to come clean my house so I can use the nesting energy for better purposes?

Growth Sprut?

This weekend was a mix of fun and work- time with friends every day and some time spent getting the house ready for baby. I took naps 2 days and spent a healthy amount of time with my feet up on the couch.

Yesterday we sorted cards in the morning (hubby plays Magic and the cards are taking over the house). This was done from the couch. Then I washed my hair and we went to a barbecue. The friends who had us over aren't friends of the heat, so much of the time was spent in their air conditioning. At around 7:30 hubby could tell I was fading and we started getting ready to go. At 8 I was laying on the couch feeling no energy. At 8:15 I moved to our bed and asked my husband to wake me at 9 so I could get a few things together for today. At 9 I whined at him rolled over and went back to sleep.

I then slept until 6:55.

That combined with increased appetite for the past few days and a noticeably bigger belly since last week much mean a growth spurt for the little one right?