Tuesday, November 9, 2010

on sleep

We're onto our third sleeping arrangement since you've come home. Sleep it seems, is not your thing. To be fair you have reason. The reflux I had during my pregnancy sucked. I can't imagine not being able to do anything about it.

We started you on Zantac on 10/25.

at this point something pulled me away. First we tried the arms reach and snuggle nest cosleepers with mom and dad in bed. Then we moved to shifts. You downstairs with one of us while the other slept in bed. On a good night the downstairs person got some sleep while they cared for you, but really it was a crap shoot. Then I got over my fear of sleeping with you (after a few test maps supervised by dad). I hoped that all three of us would get better sleep, and to an extent we did. I have mastered sleeping without moving and usually wake up and get you eating before you cry. You wake to eat a few times and Generally go back to sleep. Unless it's 4 am. That is your witching hour. If I don't do things just right you're up for the day. Some days you're up at 5:30 other days it's 6:30.

While you and I sleep in bed your dad is on the couch. He comes up throughout the night to check on us. After years of me beating him up in bed he's still not quite sure how I keep it together.

Eventually this will have to come to an end, but I have to say I love waking up next to you. Also your sleepy baby sounds. Though I have to say- I miss sleeping under my heavy comforter...and your father of course.

Weeks 6-7

Boy do you keep me busy. In the best possible way. I'm not writing as much as i would like, but you seem to have an internal timer associated with me eating, picking up a laptop, or getting anything else done. Case in point, you just woke up...

Here are some of the things you love right now:
ceiling fans. we think you may like them more than us right now. when you're upset and we've covered the usual causes we try to get you to look at the fan. you smile your biggest smiles at the fan and coo away.

sunlit blinds.

our bedroom set.

the mirror. you stare so hard at the little boy looking back at you and that other version of your mom. it is my number one trick to settle you down during diaper changes. though sometimes you are so intent on looking at the reflections it makes your diaper changes challenging.

Things you don't like but do to yourself:
hair pulling

knocking your binky out


all three make me laugh. unless you've done it the third time in a row and are about to loose your mind. there are times when it seems like you're doing things on purpose, though you haven't quite mastered your hands and arms yet.