Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weeks 6-7

Boy do you keep me busy. In the best possible way. I'm not writing as much as i would like, but you seem to have an internal timer associated with me eating, picking up a laptop, or getting anything else done. Case in point, you just woke up...

Here are some of the things you love right now:
ceiling fans. we think you may like them more than us right now. when you're upset and we've covered the usual causes we try to get you to look at the fan. you smile your biggest smiles at the fan and coo away.

sunlit blinds.

our bedroom set.

the mirror. you stare so hard at the little boy looking back at you and that other version of your mom. it is my number one trick to settle you down during diaper changes. though sometimes you are so intent on looking at the reflections it makes your diaper changes challenging.

Things you don't like but do to yourself:
hair pulling

knocking your binky out


all three make me laugh. unless you've done it the third time in a row and are about to loose your mind. there are times when it seems like you're doing things on purpose, though you haven't quite mastered your hands and arms yet.

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