Monday, April 19, 2010


Right now I'm in awe of all single moms and moms that are pregnant with a child that doesn't nap anymore. I'm taking care of a 7 year old through the end of the week and just 24 hours in I'm exhausted. Like if I wasn't pregnant I'd be on my second or third machiato of the day.

*insert brief interlude while I daydream about coffee*

I know I'm getting off easy because he's a great kid. As in yesterday while watching (mom sanctioned) cartoons I was able to catch a few cat naps without anything crazy happening. My spidey sense kicked in any time he moved from the couch he was sitting on, which wasn't that often. The rest of the day was playing, homework, a few errand that mom left and seeing a movie. The movie was his idea, though I was all over the idea of sitting in a cool dark room for 90 minutes.

Despite the pretty chill day and almost 9 hours of sleep I am wrecked today. So to all of you moms out there- you have my awe.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Bradley

So we've decided we want to use the Bradley method, or at least learn it, to prep for getting this baby out of me. In early February I did round one of research to see what was even offered in our area. Hypnobabies, hypnobirthing, and Bradley all seemed to have classes that we could do, but it was way too early. The info available was for June/July due dates.

While I waited I actually discussed the differences with my husband. About an hour of our February flight was full of sports analogies for birthing classes and doulas, followed by descriptions of it all. He settled on Bradley. I'm pretty sure he just didn't like the name of the others but I take the same approach you take with a toddler-only give choices you're willing to live with.

Last week I decided it was time to start looking again. Our schedules can be a bit crazy so I wanted to find the perfect fit. In the 5 weeks since I last looked half of the classes for September due dates have started. There are 2-3 people who list flexible arrangements on their sites who I emailed and have heard nothing from in response. All of a sudden I feel like I waited to long and messed everything up.

Next week (I have a ridiculous weekend scheduled) I'm going to try again. I just hope it's not too late.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

There's always a first

Yesterday I hit a pregnancy first. I'd hoped to skip this pregnancy milestone all together but we don't always get what we want.

The night before I went to bed with some ginger ale because my stomach was upset. When I woke up I decided on an outfit then decided to finish the ginger ale and take my prenatal. I grabbed the tshirt I needed only to realize it needed to be worked over with the lint brush. Then I grabbed the blazer I'd planned on. A blazer I haven't tried on in the past few months. Of course this was a fail. I chose something else but couldn't find the tank I needed to wear under it (necessary to hide the band on my jeans).

At this point it's more than 30 minutes since I've taken my prenatal. Usually this would do nothing or just make me feel a little ucky. By the time I got downstairs and decided on a banana my stomach was really unhappy with me. Half a banana later everything came back up, making 17 weeks 3 days the first pregnancy puke.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's a Baby Explosion

2009 was a big year for babies. Between friends, family, former coworkers, and work associates there were 10 cuties. Of the 10, 5 we local and 3 I get to see occasionally. I thought that there was no way that 2010 could top that, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

As of today there will be 9 local babies born in 2010. I love love love that there will be 8 babies right around the same age as our baby as they're growing up. In my head I've fast forwareded to the toddler years and am picturing play dates and birthdays with all of these babies playing together.

I also have a cousin whose wife is pregnant with their first who lives in San Diego. She's due 5 weeks before me. I'm picturing out babies playing together on the beach. Or their family coming to visit us for some winter/snow fun.

Not that it matters to you, but here's the rundown:

Neighborhood friend A: A boy and girl in late Feb.
Hubby's friend (whose wife I'd like to get closer to): A boy in early March
Study abroad friend: A boy and a girl in April/May*
Neighborhood friend B: A girl in July
Cousin: Unknown in August
Me: Unknown, Sept 10
Neighborhood friend C: Unknown in late Sept
and most recently
Grad school friend: Unknown in October

Are you picturing all of the fun with me?

The only problem I see in all of this is gifting. For showers I like to get a few of the more boring (but useful) things on a registry. Bottles, pacis, bathtub, and changing pads are a few of the more recent things. I figure most people get pulled in by the cute outfits and toys, but at the end of the day Mom and Dad will need to give the baby a bottle, etc. That part will be fine.

To increase the cute/sweet factor I knit or crochet something. In 2009 there were 5 blankets, countless hats, Mary Janes, balls with rattles, baby kimono sweaters and who knows what else. The March baby got a blanket. The Feb twins got hats. I haven't actually made anything for my baby during this pregnancy and have a long list. Between the pregnancy brain and sleepiness it takes me forever to finish things. Also, I've decided I want to learn to sew. I just don't think I'll be able to get something made for every baby before they're born. Any cute and super quick patterns out there? I'm a pretty proficient knitter and an okay crocheter.

*The April/May twins were ready to make an appearance in March, giving us all a scare. Momma is on bed rest and we're hoping they'll be patient so they can develop a little more.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Maternity Plunge

As of last Sunday I've officially given up any and all bottoms that have a zipper. I have 1 pair of maternity jeans, a maternity skirt and a few elastic waist skirts. Those, along with gym/yoga pants have been making my wardrobe. I probably should have made the switch a little over 2 weeks ago but I was being stubborn. Then I realized- how often is it socially acceptable to wear what amounts to an elastic waistband in public?

Today I did some shopping and added to the maternity wardrobe. I got 3 maternity shirts- a plain black t and 2 that I can wear to work-and 4 dresses. The dresses are what sent me to the store. On Tuesday my husband's company announced a somewhat mandatory cocktail reception in 2 weeks. I then spent 3 days freaking out about finding something appropriate. There aren't many store around that carry maternity clothing that's affordable, in my size, and nice all at the same time. On Friday my boss and 2 other recently pregnant friends all gave me the same advice. Get a regular dress a little big in a forgiving fabric and cut. So I went up a size in the regular store and found a few things that work now and should work until the end.

Tomorrow I hope to rearrange my closet, putting all of the really cute spring skirts that I have no chance of fitting into, and anything else not belly friendly away. The elasticy stuff, the maternity stuff, and regular shirts that are long enough to hide the maternity waistbands will be taking center stage.