Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's the beginning of the year and most people are full of resolve to change their lives for the better. Loose weight, pay off debt, be nicer, whatever. I'm not much of a resolutions girl. Last year I did overarching goals for the year. This year I was am considering doing a list of 29 things to accomplish in my 29th year.

On January 3rd I learned that we'll be adding a new leaf to our family trees. If all goes well- knock on wood, salt over the shoulder, etc. Usually I'm a glass half full kind of girl who isn't superstitious. Only I'm in a whole other universe with this pregnancy stuff. Last summer I felt (relatively) fine. Went to the doc and found out I wasn't fine at all.

Caution optimism. With some wood knocking just in case.

So if all goes well 2010 will be the year of increasing our family, a change in my 9-5, and all sort of other changes we cannot yet foresee.

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