Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Baby D

8 days ago you can shooting into this world- a little to quickly for mommy and daddy after having us wait 8 days. In our family we don't often do 'normal,' and you seemed to embrace this with your entrance. The front passenger seat of daddy's car, based on his telling, is a horrible mess. Despite the towel I thought to lay down ahead of time all of the liquid and goo associated with birthing you is everywhere. Grandma is obsessed with closing my purse. Usually this annoys me, but I'm thankful that she did that morning. The last thing I noticed as they moved me from the car to a stretcher was vernax all over the purse.

Since your somewhat crazy arrival you have been a wonderful baby to have. On our first night home you wanted to cluster feed for hours which made me a little batty. In the past day you've started waking, crying inconsolably half the time. Other than these two blips you have been the most perfect baby.

You crying inconsolably is shocking to us- largely because you don't really cry. If it takes me too long to get my breast to your mouth once you've indicated you're hungry and diaper/clothing changes are the only time we hear you cry. Otherwise you fuss in thankfully distinctive ways, letting us know what you need.

When it's time for your to eat and I've gotten us both positioned you get so excited you don't know what to do with yourself. You turn your head as far as possible, mouth open like a baby bird, going back and forth. Your hands get in the action also, flying around your face, often knocking my breast out of the way. In your more excited moments I sometimes have to get daddy or grandma to hold your hands out of the way.

During the day when you're awake you are generally content. You look around, taking in your surroundings. You are content in the bouncer or in one of the many pairs of hands that can't wait to hold you. Your father, who couldn't be more in love with you, often comes to me when I'm holding you and steals you away. Sometimes I get irritated, but I love watching him love you.

At about this point you decided you needed to eat. Though I spend hours on my iPod each day (tracking your feedings, googling how to make you feel better, reading blogs/baby center once you've closed your eyes but are still nursing) I don't get much time on the computer. Between eating, feeding you, sleeping, and spending time with grandma and your father I have very little time for typing. Also, once I put anything in my lap (computer, breast pump, book) you decide it's time to eat.

During your first week you loved your binky. I planned on waiting until you were 2 weeks to introduce (because that's supposed to be best) but after 4 hours of cluster feeding on your first night home mama gave in to the beautiful silicone. You're still eating just fine, though occasionally we have to relatch.

You have no apgar scores because by the time anyone thought to take them it was to late. That, and your birth time is a guestimate. I'm kicking myself for not speaking up and making it a cooler time.

Honestly your first and second weeks are running together. I can see a marked change in you and am glad I went a little crazy on week one photos. Everyone things you're gorgeous by the way.

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