Friday, October 15, 2010

I missed a week 3 update. You have been keeping me busy, I re-injured myself after feeling pretty good, and grandma and I were trying to get a lot done. I've been working on your first sewed garment, we made you a few more diapers, and tackled all sorts of things around the house.

You are growing so quickly I can hardly stand it. One day last week while I was nursing you my hand fell asleep under your head. We're still feeding you on demand and (like your mama) you have no discernible schedule. Everyone tells me it will eventually even out and I hope you will comply.

I still think you're the best baby ever, though in the past week or so you have definitely found your voice. You have decided that the best place to sleep is sprawled across someone. Mom, dad, grandma- you really don't care as long as there is warmth, a heartbeat, and some breathing. I love to snuggle with you so this is great, until I need to sleep or get something done. If we put you down on another surface (your crib, cosleeper, snuggle nest, etc) you're fine for 2-5 minutes. Then you stretch and wake yourself up. You cry like we're pulling you apart and then give us a dirty look.

Other things that induce dirty looks- taking more than 2 minutes to get milk in your mouth once you've made yourself clear, changing your diaper and/or clothes and some of daddy's more vigorous play moves. Thankfully we don't get the attitude with each of these activities every time. And honestly your dirty looks are super cute.

Your father continues to be over the moon in love with you. He fights with me for you and is always happy to change your diaper (though he will exclaim about it's state for a while). He loves to play with you- though i usually think he's a bit rough. I've had to let him know a few times that you're not a puppy.

A week ago you also started doing the he scariest thing ever. You spit up stomach acid (or occasionally spit up) that comes out your mouth and nose. It clogs your airway, you give the most pitiful cry, and more of it keeps bubbling out of your mouth. We have to pull out the aspirator- which you HATE- and suck out your nose, occasionally your mouth. It takes about 5 minutes for your breathing to go back to normal and the whole time my heart is in my throat. Daddy has been talking about transitioning you to your crib, but I don't like the idea of you in a room by yourself when this happens. Mainly because during the first minute it sounds like your general waking up grumblings. I want us as close as possible until you grow out of this phase. For all of our sakes I hope you grow out of this quickly.

The only request I really have is for you to be ok sleeping on other surfaces, particularly the cosleeper. Other than a few naps your father and I haven't been able to sleep in bed together since day 2, or in more than 4 hour chunks. That and it's not safe for us to sleep with you on us. The only other place you will sometimes sleep is the swing, which i just don't love.

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