Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 2

I haven't finished your week 1 post because you've kept me so busy-but here are my thoughts for week 2.

You were such a good sleeper week 1. What happened? I realize it's developmentally appropriate but as I'm sure you'll come to realize, mama loves her sleep. Your dad and I are tag teaming the nights. I go to bed on my own between 8-10. Daddy stays up with you until sometime between 2-4, whenever in there you need to eat. Then I get you for the rest of the early morning. You usually wake up in the 5 o'clock hour and together we head downstairs for food (you) and tv (me).

The past 2 nights you've been really fussy so you and I have spent our part of the night in the recliner, me half way reclined, covered with a sheet on my lower half, you laying on my chest. I know this is a bad habit.

Like your parents, you like to eat. Most of the time I have to pull you off because if you had it your way you would sleep, sucking every 3-5 minutes, with my breast in your mouth. As a result you've been chunking up. You have the cutest little double chin and your stomach is expanding. All of a sudden my hand is falling asleep under your head when you nurse.

You've been having some stomach trouble so we've been trying gripe water for you. I'm a little crazy about the bottle you can use (breastflow) so you keep breastfeeding. The first day you had a little trouble, but daddy also had some technical difficulties so you may have just been pissed off. You take the bottle just fine from me, which amazes most people.

My favorite thing about breastfeeding you (other than the health stuff) is the expressions and milky smiles. Your expressions are great all of the time, but watching your face change as you get *SO* excited when you see me pull out my breast, to determination/sternness as you get going, relaxation and fluttery eyes once the hindmilk kicks in, and if I'm lucky a huge smile (nipple still in your mouth) when you're done.

You are feistier, your vision has improved and you love the living room ceiling fan. You're more vocal.

We couldn't love you more.

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