Friday, November 4, 2011

We Shall Call Him Squirrel

Well maybe Acorn.

When I was pregnant my office ladies started calling the baby Baby D. It's carried over onto the blog because I wanted his blog moniker to have a bit of meaning and I couldn't come up with anything.

Over time the name has presented itself.

Apparently my boy is a bit of a squirrel. He takes bits of anything he can get his hands on and hides them away all over the house.

It started under our couch in those days when he had just perfected crawling. I'd look under the couch and be horrified by how much junk was under there. Housekeeping is not a forte of mine or David's, so despite how bad it was I kept saying this week we'll be better at keeping things tidy as I pulled the junk out.

Anything from a small toys, plastic wrapping (think disposable utensils, mail), paper, yarn  and whatever else he could get his hands on made the pile. Things he knew he shouldn't have his hands on too.

When he discovered the drawers on our coffee table they also became fair game. We've found the stuff listed above and my two favorites- a finished bottle and my cell phone open with a few numbers dialed.

He's like a squirrel storing up acorns for the winter. I can almost hear him saying I'm not sure if I'll find this again, I'll just hide it over here. Any nook or cranny he can get his little hands to is fair game.

So, we will call him Acorn.

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