Thursday, November 10, 2011

In which we were idiots

There are moments when you realize your shared stupidity. Sunday at around 6:30 that was David and I. He at home, me in the isle of the grocery store.

Last Sunday. Time to change the clocks and get some extra sleep (unless you have children). David had some friends over in the morning. We talked about the kitchen clocks being wrong as we cleaned. We talked about how early Acorn woke up.

We did not talk about Acorn's schedule.

A month back I solicited the advice of mom friends and made a game plan. That I totally forgot about on Sunday.

The usual child care/mom schedule is something like breakfast between 8-9, lunch around noon, nap around 12:30, bed around 8. We do feed him dinner. I promise. It just fluctuates. The dad schedule is another thing entirely.

So we could have adjusted his schedule up. We could have tried delaying everything 15-30 minutes. Or just be oblivious and wonder why your sweet baby was Mr. Crankypants.

To take it to the next level, I decided earlier in the day that we were converting the crib to a toddler bed. By we I mean I. And I had to do it right. this. minute. Acorn actually loved watching me use the screwdriver and them pretending to use one himself. During the very last section I sent him downstairs to be with the guys because repositioning the mattress holder thingie while Acorn tried to climb on it wasn't working.

Just as I finished up David brought a sleeping Acorn up. Then put him in the newly converted toddler bed. That Acorn had never seen. An hour into what needs to be a 2.5 hour nap for everyone sanity, Acorn roused a bit, looked around and I'm guessing went 'Where the heck am I?' He didn't like it and couldn't quite figure out climbing down. Combine this with the guy energy from David's friends and it was the sad nap that was.

After a few hours of cranky, we went for a walk where Acorn proceeded to conk out.

We woke him at 5:30 to protect bedtime. He protested. David changed his diaper. He protested more. David comforted him. Acorn said 'forget y'all, I'm going to sleep.'

Three days later we're still paying for it. Come spring someone please smack some sense into me. Because apparently we need it.

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  1. Urgh I know this well. I had no idea that a late nap could cause so much misery for all. Seriously if Freddy naps after 2pm he wakes up miserable, before 2pm he wakes up happy as anything and yes, the repercussions can last days.