Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The ear infection of doom. That, plus my slacker blogger style, has let your half birthday, first tooth, seventh month and so much more pass without note. The past 2 months have gone something like this:

Early March- cold of doom that you (and I) just can't shake. with a crazy cough on your side.

Two weeks later fever and a little vomiting joined the party. A Saturday urgent care visit revealed that your snottiness and cough were not a cold. Enter bronchiolitis. And as a bonus a right ear infection. We celebrated your half birthday one week later with antibiotics, bathroom steams and lots of cuddles.

Two weeks later at your well baby check you seemed to be doing better. Dr. D said something like 'the left ear is looking almost healed, that's where he had the infection right; before looking it up on the computer. I was confused, trying to remember all of my questions and keep your dad in check. I thought the computer confirmed the infection of the left ear and maybe I was just crazy. We headed home, your body responding to vaccine and ready to pop out it's first tooth.

The first weekend in April brought your first tooth! Also, mom specific seperation anxiety. As in your dad is holding you, I walk from the living room to kitchen, and you loose your mind. With our open floor plan you can see me the entire time, but there is something about crossing the line between the carpet and tile that makes you scream.

When you finished your antibiotics you had a small cough. Over time this escalated, sounding like something better suited to an old man who smoked. Another visit to Dr. D. The unhappy looking left ear from 2 weeks before? Full fledged infection. Enter boosted amoxicillin, because it was so close to your last dose.

Day one off antibiotics the cough returned. Day two brought back the lethargy then fever. More time with Dr. D. You screamed like you do with shots when he checked your ears. A third course of antibiotics. As a bonus we can't combine it with cereal. Your first diaper rash.

Back at the well baby we decided to take you off of the Zantac. Solids and age seemed to be doing the trick, keeping the acid at bay. Until you decided to go on a food strike. Combined with the dosing restrictions on antibiotic 3 we revisited refluxville. Yet another doctor's appointment, this one with a PA that we as a family despised.

So you're back on Zantac, on the antibiotic, and lots of ibuprofen to help you sleep.

Today is day 8. I'm hoping and praying that we can get off of this roller coaster. Though I'm not that optimistic.

Here's the thing though. You are the strongest little person I know. The morning of the initial ear infection diagnosis we were at the grand opening of our neighborhood library. You charmed librarians, ladies of all ages and a few kids too. You are a natural flirt and know how to work a room. In the six weeks since your style has changed but you melt just as many hearts. If I'm holding you you rest your head on my chest and shyly smile up from behind your mile long lashes. At least twice a week we are delayed leaving child care becuase someone wants to fawn over you.

You have mastered rolling. Turning too. Combining the two you've covered up to six feet. You've discovered the shelf under our coffee table, pulling books down one by one. Standing is your most favorite thing. The 5 year old grammar is the only way to adequately capture how excited you get on your feet. You pull up, squirm down from our laps, and refuse sit- bouncing with happiness until your legs give out.

You are happy. You are strong. Despite the battle between the bacteria, your immune system and the antibiotic support. You are full of smiles. Finding your voice and being the best baby in the world.

Even is we never get much sleep.

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