Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Plague

A few weeks ago my husband got sick. It started as a cold and generally feeling ucky. The Sunday before Valentines day it progressed into a crazy cough, headaches, and occasional dizziness. He spent the whole week in exile, living on the couch in our front room and staying pretty far away from me. Somewhere in the he went to the doctor and got diagnosed with bronchitis. Thanks to antibiotics and cough syrup with codine he was feeling better on Presidents Day (8 days later). That Tuesday we deemed him well enough to hang in the family room and sleep in our bed again.

By Thursday he was feeling sick and was once sent to exile in the front room. Another doctors visit came up with a diagnosis of bronchitis + flu. Maybe. He got more antibiotics and stronger cough stuff. More warnings to stay away from me.

I've stopped using our powder room and only go in the front room to deliver food. If he ventures out of the front room he wipes everything down with Clorox wipes. The last time I washed my hands this much was when I evaluated child care programs. Despite these efforts I think I'm getting sick. I'm always stuffy when I wake up (yahh pregnancy) but usually it's gone within an hour. I've been up 2.5 hrs, used a neti pot, and am still stuffy/sneezy.

Usually this wouldn't be that big of a thing. But the only pre-baby vacation we have planned starts on Thursday. So any pregnancy safe home remedies? I'm drinking tea. Planning on lots of garlic today.

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